Mission Statement

Christian Nursing is devoted to the celebration of each and every life.

CNR is able to provide an innovative, cost-effective, and humane option for those patients that wish to remain and/or be treated at home. One phone call is all it takes to ensure that the patient's total needs are met.

CNR's initial, same-day evaluation, if necessary, can encompass nursing, infusion, pharmacological, and durable medical equipment needs.

Christian Nursing understands that when sickness strikes a family member, the entire family feels the effect. Hidden emotions surface. Differences of opinion arise among family members. Sincere and caring families find themselves confronting important issues that they are simply not prepared to cope with. CNR understands the emotional interplay that flows between family members. We are personally committed, and dedicated, to supporting and accompanying you and your loved ones in the cycles of life.

There is a time and a season for all human experience. The truth drives us to attempt to understand and not to judge; to reach out... to care.