Children are not little adults.

The practice of pediatric nursing is rapidly evolving. Serious infectious disease has declined and great progress has been made in the care of seriously ill children, resulting in the shortening of hospital stays. The goal of the pediatric nurse has expanded to include greater recognition of the role of the parent in normal child development.

Therefore, it is CNR's belief that pediatric nursing is not simply adult nursing on a smaller scale. Pediatric nursing is a unique specialty that requires knowledge, patience, and understanding.

  • All staff working pediatric cases are highly skilled
  • All pediatric nurses are tested in the following ways:
    • Mandatory pediatric competency tests
    • Ventilator/Trach exams
  • CNR also offers ongoing neonatal and pediatric assessment teaching
  • CNR staff accompanies medically-fragile children to schools throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties
  • 24/7 availability
  • Nurse educator available for home visit for further nurse instruction if needed